COVID-19 Information

Winter Mountaineering School and The Adirondack Mountain Club have developed a plan to return to face-to-face, full-capacity WMS in 2022! Below are the highlights of our probable protocols. The essence is that we will create a "pod" encompassing all instructors and students so that we may operate as free of restrictions as possible during the program.

  • The protocols below are based on recommendations from WMS's Medical Director, will apply to all instructors and students, and are aligned with similar efforts by similar groups. 

  • The protocols will be effective for a pandemic landscape similar to what we're currently experiencing with the Delta Variant, or for possibly worse conditions. 

  • Vaccinations are required, and must be fully effective at the time of WMS. This means receiving vaccinations at least a few weeks prior to WMS, and possibly requiring boosters if the CDC recommends them based on your initial vaccination timeline

  • Submission of a negative PCR test within a few days of WMS will likely be required.

  • Instructors and Students will will be required to avoid large gatherings in the weeks leading up to WMS.

  • Daily temperature and symptom checks will be performed during WMS.

  • Once WMS begins, any interaction with outsiders must be conducted with the instructor or student wearing an N-95 / KN-95 mask. For example, if someone needs to drive to town and go to a store for replacement gear.

  • Masking while indoors during the program may be required, but we would prefer to not require this and rely on our other protocols for protection.

  • WMS and ADK will meet in early January to evaluate the pandemic's status and issue a final set of protocols which may be more or less strict than what is posted here.