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COVID-19 Information

UPDATED 2022-09-13

For WMS 2022 we required all students and instructors to:

  • have at least two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine,

  • socially isolate as much as practicable in the week leading up to WMS,

  • perform a COVID-19 test in the days prior to WMS,

  • Mask while indoors in common areas on ADK property,

  • Perform daily temperature checks.

These protocols allowed us to run WMS at full capacity during a surge in infection rates, and in a post-school investigation, we detected zero cases of COVID-19 at (or resulting from) WMS 2022. In pre-school testing, we discovered several asymptomatic carriers and offered them full refunds and much sympathy. We continue to appreciate their honesty and genuinely hope to see them this season.

For WMS 2023, we’re striving to achieve the same success. We are subject to federal, state, and local regulations, as well as those of our hosts, the ADK. We’ll be doing everything they recommend at the time, and possibly more as we create another “pod” for WMS 2023. Of course our protocols may change with both the regulatory environment and regional infection rates, but you should be prepared to adhere to the following:

  • Being “fully vaccinated”* – however authorities are defining that this winter (definitely),

  • Be boosted* with a reformulated vaccine for new variants (e.g., Omicron) (likely),

  • Take a rapid antigen or PCR test just before WMS (likely),

  • Avoid unnecessary close social interactions for a week prior to the start of programs (likely),

  • Wear a protective mask (e.g., N95) while traveling to WMS while in close contact with others (likely),

  • Wear a cloth face covering while in common indoor spaces on ADK property (unlikely, but possible).


*People who cannot be vaccinated for documentable medical reasons are excused from vaccinations, and are welcomed at WMS. 

Remember, these procedures (along with good general hygiene) will help protect all of WMS against not only COVID-19, but a large array of other respiratory illnesses as well. Students, Instructors, and ADK Staff are coming together from all over the region and interacting with one another in very close quarters for days at a time – if it weren’t for precautions like these, the risk of transmission would be too high to run the program.

Stay tuned for updates, and we hope to see you in Lake Placid!

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